PoseNet in Tensorflow.js

PoseNet in a machine learning model which allows for real-time human pose estimation with any webcam. In Collaboration with the Google Creation lab, I open-sourced a Tensorflow.js version, allowing for it to be tinkered with and used in the browser with just a few lines of code.


Presence is an interactive kinetic sculpture that reacts to the shape of a viewer’s pose.

It uses a machine learning algorithm called PoseNet to detect poses from a webcam, and rotates a series of spirals to reveal a pattern that reflects what it perceives.

The Pursuit by Equinox

The Pursuit by Equinox is a gamified group cycling class driven by 500,000 records of data per session to display a Canne’s Lion winning visual experience. 700+ classes are hosted per month at Equinox locations across the United States. I was the lead developer on this project.

Shadybot Art Car at Burning Man

The ShadyBot is an art car for the Robot Heart camp at Burning man.
It is shaped like a fish whos features provide a shady lounge and deck for spectactors, and at night has LEDs that project across its diffused surface. At the 2018 event, I helped build it, wire its LEDs, and was responsible for mapping and programming the visuals.

Voronoi Cellular Zoetrope

A physical animation generated by graphics shaders that loops seamlessly and infinitely

Audial Reality

Visualizes sound in real-time in the browser using audio, react, shaders, and procedural noise. Accessed at audialreality.com

Japanese Weather Diorama

A physical twist on a Japanese Weather Diorama which reflects weather patterns and times of the day.

Mova Gallery at the Oregon Eclipse Festival - Lighting

The Mova Gallery is an installation which features visionary art and appears at different festivals around the world. During the Oregon Eclipse festival, it was built as a two-story structure, and I was in charge of the lighting.