Trying out Drawing Apps

Sep 17, 2018 21:19 · 283 words · 2 minutes read Drawing

For the first homework assignment of Drawing on Everything, we were instructed to try 3 drawing apps. Here are my experiences with a few of them:

Autocad Sketchbook

I used this app to draw a skyline on my IPhone. I found it very challenging to draw on such a small screen with my finger. A better medium would likely have been an IPad. My other concerns lies with the inconsistency of the marker sizes between each marker. If you select one it can have a tiny stroke while another one a massive stroke.
This isn’t clear from the UI and results in a poor drawing experience. Here is what I drew, after realizing I couldn’t obtain any sort of realism on this medium, I drew random lines to fill in the spaces:


I drew a plant in this app. I liked the feeling of it. It had an ad but it wasn’t intrusive or that noticeable. I enjoyed the stroke style and how the color changed between strokes, getting rid of needing to make the decision of color and giving a fun feeling to the experience that both kids and adults like myself can enjoy; because it feels more like drawing freely than Sketchbook, inaccuracies do not matter:

Just a Line

I enjoyed this drawing experience as it really took advantage of the 3d space. That being said, I found it challenging to draw what I was thinking since the drawings were done in mid-air and scale became confusing. It would be interesting to create a drawing app like this where the lines were attached to the walls or furniture. This would let you in essence draw on real objects in 3d.