Mapping the Systems

Sep 10, 2018 17:48 · 266 words · 2 minutes read Research

Our first assignment

For the first assignment of The Temporary Expert, in which we are to create an “Energy Field Guide” on a randomly selected subject, my topic is Sugars.

I first outlined all the systems relating to sugars:

  • Psychological factors in consumption of sugar
  • Addiction to Sugar
  • Sugary food packaging
  • The sugar processing/refinement industry
  • Marketing/advertising of sugary foods.
  • Sugar content of food
  • Efforts by government to reduce sugar intake.
  • Nutritional Recommendations for Sugar Consumption
  • Sugars role in Diabetes
  • Sugar in Nature
  • Food & beverage manufacture
  • Addiction to sugars
  • Binging on sugary foods
  • Sugar consumption in developing countries/low-income communities
  • Positivie & Negative effects of Sugar on human health
  • Sugars as a source of energy
  • Sugars as a part of carbohydrates

As someone who goes on late night ice cream binges, craves sugary cereals, and orders juices with the most flavor (and likely the highest sugar contant) I became particularly interested in the relationship of industry’s processing and marketing of sugar in foods for profit and societies’ consumption and addition to these foods. I organized everything into a hierarchical system map composing of these two major systems and their sub-systems with related ones next to each other:

My thoughts/intentions with this class

Much of my work until now has been about making something that is aesthetically pleasing or innovative from a technology standpoint.
As I am passionate about subjects affecting the world today, I would like my work to be rooted in concepts that explore these topics. I’m hoping that through this class I will learn to build a framework of research and meaning around my work.