An Example of Good Design

Sep 13, 2017 00:00 · 241 words · 2 minutes read

This last Sunday I was at a rooftop party at Output in Williamsburg and noticed my friend drinking what looked like a perfectly refreshing beverage – a can of Babe Rosé. Before even tasting her drink I decided to get one for myself, figuring it would be the perfect drink to enjoy during the sunset. In retrospect – the sleek, clean, and elegant design of the slender can is what lured me in. My other friends at this party were also enticed by the look of these cans, all asking me to taste this new beverage.

Babe Cans

Analyzing the Design

This can uses a single column, four row grid. Dedicating the top 3 rows to the brand emphasizes the name.

Babe With Grid

The big, bold, but clean letters, all of the same color and font, are clear, consistent, and simple. In all caps, they convey elegance, fun, attractiveness, and a refreshing feeling, all ideal for a vibrant, hot day in the summer. It would likely be a tough sell during the winter.

According to the Font Squirrel analyzer, the font is Libel Suit Semi-Bold, a “display sans font family.” The simple blue text on a white background is the biggest win, providing a minimal, classy and fun look. This is a bold difference from the typical pink color that is prominent in Rose bottles. The blue and white adds masculinity, but the slender can maintains femininity, making this can to appeal to both genders.