Designing my Business Card

Oct 18, 2017 00:43 · 233 words · 2 minutes read Design Processing

For our final homework assignment in Visual Language, we were to design a logo and business card for ourselves.

Earlier in the semseter, when I heard that this would be our final project, I was both excited and terrified. This proved to be very challenging in the end. When it finally came time to work on this, I found myself frequently criticizing my designs, starting over, and letting out a highly audible sigh that made those around me chuckle.

With time running out, I settled on this:

For the logo, I wanted to portray something both connected and dynamic, and Voronoi cells fit this criteria. I used a modified version of Inigo Quillez’ Voronoi Lines shader code in Processing, and rendered the shader in a circle. I then imported this generated image into Illustrator.

I used the golden ratio to position the elements on both the front and back of the card.

My thoughts

I’m glad to have completed this class. All of the homework assignments were both intimidating and painful - which in the end is a good thing it consistently challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. In the past I’d avoid design completely and hand it off to other people; now I have more confidence and an understanding of what works and doesn’t work to take this on myself.

I’d like to take more courses on this subject.