Shadybot Art Car at Burning Man

The ShadyBot is an art car for the Robot Heart camp at Burning man.
It is shaped like a fish whos features provide a shady lounge and deck for spectactors, and at night has LEDs that project across its diffused surface. At the 2018 event, I helped build it, wire its LEDs, and was responsible for mapping and programming the visuals.

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Right after fully mapping the #leds for the Shadybot in #madrix with @chwonger #burningmanart #burninman2018 #robotheart #led #artcar

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Role: Builder, LED Mapping and Visuals
Technologies: Madrix, ColorKinetics

For the 2018 edition of Burning Man, I went a week early to help build three installations for the Robot Heart Camp: an illuminated heart that sits atop the camps bus and was center of their parties, an art-car called shadybot shaped like a fish with high-density LEDs that would drive around the desert, and a massive logo shaped LED wall.

The Shadybot by Day. Photo credit Gurps Chawla
Untangling and directing LED connectors in the Shadybot
The Shadybot before being wrapped by a canopy. Each vertical bar on its exterior is overlayed with a strip of high-density LEDs
After being wrapped by a diffusing and shade providing canopy
Mapping the LEDs in Madrix
I made a version of PoseNet that works offline and projected human poses using a webcam onto the side of the car
I also helped build Brandeux, a giant logo-shaped animated LED wall